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Digital caliper

Digital caliper

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This electronic caliper is specially designed to measure eyebrow dimensions with extreme precision, whether length, width, arc or space between eyebrows. It is equipped with a digital screen that displays real-time measurements with accuracy down to microns.

Its use is simple and intuitive. Simply place the device gently on the eyebrow to be measured and slide it along the eyebrow to obtain an accurate reading of its dimension. Thanks to its memory function it is also possible to save measurements for future use, which is particularly useful for creating symmetrical eyebrows.

In addition to its unrivaled precision, this electronic caliper comes with advanced features such as the ability to automatically calculate ideal eyebrow proportions based on each individual's facial characteristics. This allows beauty professionals to create perfectly tailored brows for each client.

In summary, the Electronic Eyebrow Caliper revolutionizes the art of makeup by providing unparalleled precision in measuring and creating flawless, symmetrical eyebrows. This innovative tool is essential for any beauty professional keen to perfect their art and satisfy the most demanding expectations of their customers.

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